When you are visiting our hospital for treatment, please bring the following items with you:

  • Valid proof of identification (passport, identity card or Dutch drivers license)
  • Valid documents of health insurance
  • Current medication
  • Letter of referral from your general practitioner 

Please report at the reception at the main entrance or go to the admission desk directly.

When visiting our emergency room (SEH), please bring along the above mentioned items. If you are not in possession of health insurance, you will be asked for an advance payment. Contact the general practitioner or outside office hours the HAP before going to our emergency room!

At our emergency room we treat patients based upon a colour-coded system. This means that a nurse assesses your injuries and assigns a colour. The colour corresponds with the urgency for treatment. This means that sometimes patients who have arrived later than you, will be treated first, because their injuries are more serious.

Colour meaning
Red                  direct treatment necessary      you will be treated immediately
Orange          extremely urgent                            you will be treated within 15 minutes
Yellow            urgent                                                   you will be treated within the hour 
Green             standard                                              you will be treated within 2 hours
Blue                 not urgent                                          you will be treated within 4 hours